Mr. Squiggley

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Module One: Social Development, Time and Sing-a-longs

This first module of videos will include these three areas of development.

The first section covers social aspects and development; the next discusses time concepts; and finally, we have some serious fun with sing-a-longs!

Social Development
Our families
We ALL have a family. Families range in size, shape and color. Mr. Tom and Mr. Squiggley discuss the importance of families.
Pets are part of the family too! Of course, we talk about our beloved, furry friends…

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Our friends
Friendship is one of the greatest things on Earth! Mr. Tom and Mr. Squiggley discuss what are friends, how we make friends, how we share and help each other out… 🙂

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Playing together
Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom discuss playing together.

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Our classroom and teachers
Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom discuss the classroom and teachers.

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Doctors and Dentists
Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom discuss doctors and dentists.

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People we see and meet outside our homes
Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom discuss people we may see and meet outside our homes.

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Time Concepts
Days of the Week
There are 7 days in the week. What day is today?

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Seasons of the year
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

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Months of the year
Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom examine the 12 months of the year, reviewing each month from January to December. Every one of us has a birthday — in one of the 12 months!

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Our birthdays!
Each of us have our own birthday; the day we were born!

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Measuring time
Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom discuss devices we use to measure time such as clocks, watches and calendars.

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Children learn language through phonetics, and what better way to explore phonetics than through SINGING!

In this section, we have A LOT OF FUN singing some of the classic songs of our day.

The Wheels on the Bus
ABCs-Alphabet Song
This sing-a-long tackles the Most Fundamental of all our songs in English: the alphabet or ABC’s!

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Hey kids, join us as we sing this classic, The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Mr. Squiggley and Mr. Tom take turns singing, and we invite you to sing a long with us 🙂

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Old McDonald Had a Farm
Join Mr. Tom and Mr. Squiggley as we sing this classic song, Old McDonald Had a Farm. Bring out the fun, and we’ll sing about cows, pigs and dogs!

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Where is Thumbkin?
The Hokey Pokey
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